At ETSA, we believe that research-literacy is at the heart of reflective practice, and we encourage teachers to engage with the process of taking part in, producing and consuming research. Through networks of Research Communities across the Alliance, a wide range of Action Research is taking place into the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

In addition to this, we encourage schools’ participation in collaborative research projects with our other Alliance partners, including the Institute of Education, UCL and the University of East London.

In this section, you can browse past, present and future research projects.

To express an interest in forming and developing a Research Community either within or between schools, or to organise for Research-Literacy training in your own school, , please get in touch using the Contact page of the website.

Research Archive

These journals, articles and research projects into teaching, learning and schooling have been produced and conducted by staff and organisations across the alliance.

Research in Teacher Education (University of East London)

Current Research

These research projects are currently being conducted in schools and organisations across the ETSA Alliance.

Prince’s Teaching Institute Primary Leadership Project

Lead – Jonny Walker (Asst. Director of Teaching School, Elmhurst Primary)
‘To improve the quality of pupil learning in Geography through developing teachers’ subject knowledge and subject-specific pedagogies.’

We are the Prince's Trust 'Featured School of the Week' 

Read about Elmhurst's PTI Visit to Wroxham School led by Dame Alison Peacock


Elmhurst-Park Primary Leadership Projects

Twelve teachers from Elmhurst and Park Primary are currently taking part in the inaugural Primary Leadership Projects. This initiative is designed to support effective teachers to develop the early leadership skills of strategic planning, intervention and evaluation which are vital to effective middle and senior leadership. Work collaboratively across the two schools, the twelve teacher-researchers each have developed their own Intervention Project, and are conducting Action Research on it. See the titles below.

  • Abi Cansdale (Elmhurst) - 'How best to support the social and emotional needs of children new to the school and new to English'
  • Alexia Charalambous (Elmhurst) - 'What will be the impact of teaching pupils in Y6 techniques of 'conflict resolution' so that they can support other children in the playground?'
  • Alys Eckton (Park) - 'What would promote good practice in local history across the school?'
  • Ellie Robinson (Elmhurst) - 'How can I support children in Y6 who will be going alone to a secondary school, to be prepared and for them to feel ready?'
  • Imelda Moloney (Park) - 'How can I maximise the best use of teachers' time during the 'Every Child a Musician' lessons?
  • Jonathan Purdie (Elmhurst) - 'How can more girls be encouraged to take part in team sports?'
  • Kelly Allinson (Park) - 'What will be the impact of co-planning a three week foundation unit with my pupils?'
  • Manpreet Johal (Park) - 'How do children interact with Success Criteria in lessons?'
  • Naila Akhtar (Park) - 'What is the impact of providing more 'time to talk' into the timetable with Year 1?'
  • Richard Hodkin (Park) - 'What is access to books like amongst children in Year 3 and Year 4 who are eligible for Free School Meals?'
  • Siobhan O'Toole (Elmhurst) - 'What is the impact of increasing the frequency of structured feedback and interaction throughout the working day with my Teaching Assistant?'
  • Zoe Shaw (Elmhurst) - 'What is the impact upon pupils of timetabling PSHCE and the use of a Quiet Room?'

As the teachers progress, we hope to be able to host their progress summaries and eventual reflective essays here. 

If your school is interested in putting forward your staff for a Primary Leadership Project with another school, please get in touch using the Contact Us form.

For assistance and direction, please get in touch using the Contact page of the site.

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