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You can train to be a teacher in East London with Elmhurst Teaching School Alliance. The School Direct scheme is designed to train up the next generation of high-quality primary teachers, and at ETSA, we draw upon the experience and excellence of our schools across East London to ensure our trainees have a supportive start to their teaching careers. In partnership with the University of East London/University College London, our trainees work to gain Qualified Teacher Status in one academic year.

If you want to work in a diverse and exciting area, make a profound difference to children’s lives and earn a competitive salary, then you should consider becoming a teacher with ETSA.

There are two routes – Salaried and Tuition-Funded. Explore your options to decide which routes you are eligible for, and which one is most suitable for you.

Salaried RouteTuition-Funded Route
2.5 years prior work experience - this may or may not be school based.No prior work experience required although experience is school is highly desired.
Two weeks of in-school experience
Receive a salary which varies according to prior experience and where you are employed.Trainees pay fees of about £9000 - subject to change.
Trainees move from a 'class-share' situation to being the main teacher very quicklyThroughout the year trainees work alongside the class teacher.
Training is front-loaded to ensure trainees have the necessary skills to take on whole-class responsibilities quickly.Training and coursework is spread-out throughout the course of the year.
Awarded QTS (with option of converting to PGCE in subsequent year)Awarded QTS and a PGCE

What we are looking for:

  • Highly dedicated individuals who believe they can make a difference to children's lives.
  • Candidates with a strong academic background and evidence of their own positive attitude to learning.
  • Reflective people who show willingness to adapt and change in order to best meet the needs of the children.

To enquire about School Direct at ETSA, contact Liz Turner ITT Leader at Elmhurst Teaching School Alliance – 

To learn more about our university partner, the UCL Institute of Education, please visit:

Primary Salaried:

Primary Non-Salaried:

Secondary Maths Salaried:

If applying for a  Secondary Maths position it may be necessary to complete a Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course for more information visit:

To register for a place with the ETSA Teaching School Alliance please visit:
For more information on School Direct, please visit the Department for Education’s ‘Get Into Teaching’ website:


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