School-to-School Support

Elmhurst Teaching School Alliance is able to offer various models of school-to-school support, including:

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SLE and NLE Deployments

Elmhurst Teaching School Alliance has a lot of expertise to offer, with a wide-reaching range of National Leaders in Education and Specialist Leaders in Education. These carefully recruited individuals can be deployed to partner schools to help address areas in need of improvement, and in order to work with staff to promote excellence and the raising of standards.

Our current list of NLEs and SLEs is to the left of this page. See the categories below, and explore their profiles to the left.

NLE Deployments:

Please contact the NLEs' schools directly to discuss your support needs.

Shahed Ahmed

Keri Edge

SLE Deployments

To request the support of an SLE, please complete the SLE Deployment Request Form and return it to

Elmhurst Teaching School Alliance believes that a collaborative school-led system of school improvement is the most effective way to engender high-quality learning outcomes for all pupils. Through our School-to-School Support partnerships, we can work together to improve the quality of teaching, learning and leadership.

School fees for SLE deployments are as follows:

  • Whole Day - £350
  • Half Day - £200

Please see our SLE Deployment Guidance document for information on deployment, payment and recruitment of new SLEs.

SLE payments will be made directly to the home school of the particular SLE, or to the SLE directly if they are working as a consultant. 

Applications to become an SLE at ETSA are currently closed. If you are interested in applying to be at ETSA Specialist Leader in Education, please check this page for links and deadlines, and express your interest using the Contact page of this site.

English, Literacy and Phonics

Stephen Crooks, Sophie Gwilliam, Kelly Jones, Katherine Roberts, Katharine Young, Nia Silverwood, Maeve Kelly, Wayne Wathen-Howell

Primary Mathematics

Samira Islam, Anita Kumar, Elizabeth Robbins, Michele Zylstra, Debra Nemhara, Max Lawson, Dave Adams, Pinal Sheth

Maths Mastery Specialists

Tim Harrington, Louise Foulkes, Ian Connor, Elizabeth Turner

Secondary Mathematics

Latifa Salmoun, Andrew Labinjoh, Victoria Wheelhouse


Hannah Phillips, Julie Pointer, Angela Warren

Wider Curriculum

Hannah Phillips (History), Julie Pointer (RE), Jonny Walker (Geography and Oracy)


Sally Norris (Leadership, ITT), Nia Silverwood (Assessment), Raheema Patel (SBN), Jane Nash (SEND)


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