Andrew Labinjoh

Langdon Park School, Tower Hamlets

SLE for Mathematics


Professional & Personal details:

Phase: Secondary

Quality of teaching -Initial Teacher training and newly qualified teacher development, Maths Mastery,
Pupil achievement - Closing the gap,
Using digital Technology in Maths Classroom.
Leading a Maths Department

Andrew has worked as a Maths teacher for twenty years in three of London’s most deprived boroughs. He has been a Head of Maths for over 13 years and has successfully developed and coached a number of staff within the 3 different boroughs. He was nominated as a Lead Maths Teacher in the London Borough of Southwark in 2002 where he supported the Maths Consultant in disseminating good practice within the borough. Over the last four years he has worked in partnership with the London Knowledge Lab and supported them with developing digital classroom resources which support teachers’ professional development.

At present he is a member of the advisory board for a Nuffield Project looking at how the use of dynamic visual technology can improve mathematical pedagogic practices using the Cornerstone Maths approach. His department has developed a rich and engaging curriculum for both GCSE and A-level that focuses on the big mathematical ideas supporting Maths Mastery.

This approach to Teaching has moved Maths results above national average with students who are significantly below on entry.   75% Maths A-C     100% Further Maths A-C