Elizabeth Robbins

Leading across the Learning In Harmony Trust

SLE for Quality of Teaching Maths, Assessment without Levels, Assessment for Learning

Email: erobbins3.316@lihtrust.uk

Professional & Personal details:

Liz leads maths and has a deep subject knowledge across the primary range. She has supported the school's increasing number of inexperienced teachers including through developing a clear picture of the teaching of Maths and progression across the school.  This has also involved trialling and evaluating using Singapore textbooks (Maths No Problem) with a mastery approach – leading to a whole school implementation. Liz has also been selected for the national accreditation for Mastery Specialism.

She has supported individual teachers with a wide range of experience, drawing on her coaching and mentoring skills to identify their priorities and continue their development.

Through whole-school monitoring and more informal observations, Liz has worked closely with other members of the leadership team to develop a 'big picture' understanding of whole-school strengths and areas for development in order to adapt the school improvement plan as the need has arisen. Her ability to analyse assessment data has led to the targeting of pupils at an earlier stage, as well as influencing partnership teacher decisions. In addition, she has been involved in work as a National Support School, including working with senior leaders from other schools.

Liz has also been fundamental in the development of assessment systems, in line with the new National Curriculum, and building upon the solid Assessment for Learning practices already embedded in the school.

Liz's has delivered a variety of training, including NPW’s NQT workshop on Assessment for Learning for the past two years and has received excellent feedback. She has also received facilitator training from the IoE and is an accredited NCETM PD Lead.