Katherine Roberts

Elmhurst Primary School

SLE for Phonics teaching

Email: kroberts@elmhurst.newham.sch.uk

Professional & Personal details:

Phase: Primary

Areas of Expertise: Early literacy and phonics teaching/managing KS1 and foundation stage literacy

Improving teaching and learning in KS1

Katherine is an Assistant head teacher at Elmhurst Primary School. She has led literacy and phonics teaching and learning for many years, resulting in very high levels of attainment leading to Elmhurst becoming an outstanding school and an RWI lead school. Due to the excellent standards in early literacy Elmhurst has hosted teachers, Head Teachers and reading leaders not only from Newham but from national and international settings too. Katherine is a highly competent teacher and models outstanding lessons in RWI. She has been filmed for RWI training videos and has delivered CPD to several schools across Newham with excellent feedback. She is currently working on developing a series of Masterclasses which she is trialling with the Elmhurst staff.

She is a qualified ITP facilitator and plays an important role in Elmhurst Teaching School Alliance.