Victoria Wheelhouse

KS5 Maths Co-ordinator, The Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls




Professional & Personal details:

Victoria is a passionate mathematics teacher with experience across Key Stages 3 - 5. She has experiencing mentoring trainee teachers as well as supporting staff in other schools. In her first year as KS5 coordinator, the number of A Level applicants rose from 18 to 59. Victoria has created a Scheme of Work at KS5 that follows a mastery progression so students’ learning is supported and reinforced throughout. She designed the assessment structure and the assessments, using her training as a Team Leader for A Level marking to ensure realistic assessments. Victoria has been supporting A Level teachers with delivering the new specification, including providing training on the new material. 

At KS3 & 4 Victoria has spent the last two years working with colleagues to review assessment for learning and beginning work on mastery in mathematics. She has been able to apply the research from her Masters in Mathematics Education in the classroom, working with students with mathematics anxiety and the effective use of technology in the classroom.