Max Lawson

Mathematics Subject Leader/KS1 Phase Leader, London Fields Primary School (Hackney)

SLE for Primary Mathematics



Professional & Personal details:

Max has been the Mathematics lead at London Fields since 2014. In that time he has successfully introduced, developed and embedded a teaching for mastery approach. This has given him extensive experience both in supporting teachers (through planning support, team-teaching, modelling and coaching sessions) and curriculum and lesson design. He is a qualified Mathematics Specialist (MaST) teacher and accredited professional development lead for the National Centre for Excellence in the teaching of Mathematics.

 Max has been an Primary Mathematics SLE since 2017. He has also been a Mastery Specialist for the London North East Maths Hub since 2016, working as part of the national teaching for mastery programme. As a result of these roles, he has extensive experience in supporting other schools. He has experience of working with schools to develop practice at a whole school level; action-planning, planning and delivering CPD and INSET, monitoring, coaching and providing bespoke support. He has also designed and led long-term workgroups for teachers, focusing on developing teacher subject and pedagogical knowledge as well as their understanding of teaching for mastery. He has worked with newly and recently qualified teachers, developing bespoke programmes of support, as well as led sessions for trainee teachers at local teacher training consortiums. He is well versed in effective CPD models, including how lesson study can be used to develop practice and how to design meaningful professional learning experiences for confident and experienced practitioners.

As part of his participation in the teaching for mastery programme, Max was able to take part in the Shangai teacher exchange in 2017. This involved both visiting and hosting Mathematics teachers from Shanghai, with whom he worked closely to reflect on and develop school approaches to teaching Mathematics.

 Alongside his SLE and Maths Hub work, Max maintains regular teaching commitments. He teaches Mathematics to the same group of pupils everyday.