Paul Hinchliffe

Deputy Head Teacher, Sheringham Primary School

SLE for Leadership and Management – School Development, Assessment, Behaviour and Safety


Professional & Personal details:

Paul is an integral part of the Senior Leadership Team at Sheringham Primary School. This has led to a variety of experiences with whole school responsibilities attached.

Paul has led assessment across the whole school since 2011. The school has had great success in this area; this is due to the setup of systems to monitor the collection and analysis of pupil progress data, enabling the identification of underachievement and ensuring well thought out and effective intervention. During this time, the school received an outstanding grading from Ofsted, the inspectors commented on the school’s outstanding understanding of data and ability to drill down beneath ‘headlines’.

Overseeing the school’s development plan has given Paul responsibility for teaching and learning. He worked with middle/senior leaders to oversee their action planning, identifying areas for improvement and judgements on whether their actions had been successful. By embedding an open, honest and accurate form of evaluation into the school’s and the leader’s practice, staff have been more able to set challenging goals for their teams.

Paul has outstanding knowledge of different pedagogy, based on up to date theory and practice. He is acknowledged both internally and externally (Ofsted) as an outstanding teacher. He is frequently used by the school as a model for good teaching, whether for school visitors or other colleagues wishing to develop their practice.

Paul also leads on behaviour across the school. The school has exceptional high standards of good behaviour in terms of social, emotional and learning behaviours. He has revisited the school’s approach to behaviour with the school’s social inclusion team, redefining policies so that they clear, consistent and focused towards a climate of collaboration, cooperation and respect. We keep the schools behaviour policy under review and adapt it on a regular basis.

Paul has also worked on secondment as a member of SLT in another school, during a period of change. During this time he supported the acting Head teacher with the day to day running of the school. He put in place a short time action plan that addressed the immediate needs of the school whilst it was recruiting a substantive Head teacher. These areas included improving staff communication, introducing shared leadership at all levels and revisiting the vision and application of good teaching and learning across the whole school.