Stephen Crooks

English & Reading Lead, Year Group Leader, Partnership Teacher, ITT Mentor, Sheringham Primary School

SLE for Quality of Teaching – English


Professional & Personal details:

As a lead teacher of English over the past few years, Steve has a wealth of subject knowledge. This includes his knowledge of the new curriculum and the expectations that it sets out. Steve has been instrumental in articulating the principles and philosophy behind the approaches, to staff. He has also been key to the creation and development of overviews for the new curriculum, to aid staff planning.

Due to the infancy of the implementation of the curriculum, Steve has ensured that his team have carefully monitored the planning and teaching of English, to ensure high expectations and standards are met.

Steve has been involved in partnership teaching across year levels especially within his subject of expertise. As well as teaching his own Year 6 group last year, he was involved in a number of English partnerships. He worked with teachers to transfer English skills into other curriculum areas, whilst maintaining the knowledge and skills relevant to that particular curriculum subject.

After working alongside and mentoring both School Direct trainees and NQTs in particular, Steve sets high expectations for them and is able to identify their next steps for development, working closely with them to see that they improve. He has delivered well received workshops for these colleagues not only in English, but also in effective questioning, and empowering talk.

Steve would like to continue developing teachers and help other schools in meeting expectations for both their English curriculum requirements and the quality of their young teachers.