Victoria York

Assistant SENCO, Lead NQT Mentor, ITT & EPD Project Lead, Sheringham Primary School

SLE for Quality of Teaching – ITT, NQT, EPD, Learning Behaviours


Professional & Personal details:

For many years Viccy has have been passionate about the development of new teachers and has been committed to supporting others in order to raise the quality of teaching and learning in school and beyond. She has a well-developed bank of strategies for recognising strengths and developing areas for improvement.

More recently, as Lead NQT Mentor, her experience has led her to offer guidance to new mentors. On more than one occasion, Viccy has coached mentors and supported them to offer constructive feedback.

Viccy has had success in developing others in school, through partnership teaching, where she has worked with teachers from Reception to Year 6. From each partnership, there has been new learning, be it how to manage time effectively for planning and discussions, through to delegation and development of independence in others.

In terms of cross school support, Viccy supported a Senior Year 1 Teacher in a Primary School in Southend, as part of whole school moderation. She uses her expertise and transferable mentorship and coaching skills, to identify the appropriate next steps to improve the quality of learning.

She has also successfully supported teachers in a Barking & Dagenham school. For a number of weeks she supported planning lessons with the focus of securing good teaching and learning in class. As part of this role, she conducted follow up observations and reported back to the school’s SLT.